Are pill pockets safe for dogs?

Pets are smart about avoiding their meds, but you’re smarter. Designed and recommended by vets, GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ Treats for Dogs make it easy to give your dog medicine. Don’t hide medicine in human foods, such as peanut butter or cheese.

Are pill pockets safe?

While pill pockets for dogs might not always be the healthiest option, they offer a convenient, pet-friendly choice for many pet owners to hide and successfully administer medications to their pets, says Dr. Osborne. Pill pockets are specifically designed to be tasty and appealing to dogs.

What are dog pill pockets made of?

Make Your Own Pill Pockets

2 Tbsp rice flour (any fine flour will work: whole wheat, coconut, spelt, barley…) Using a spoon, mix the ingredients together until you form a paste. Form into small balls then use the end of a chopstick to make a small indent in the middle.

What food can you give a dog to hide pills?

Place the medication in a small amount of wet food, if they like it. Use a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese to disguise the pill. Plain yogurt is another good food that can mask medication. A piece of cheese, hot dog or liverwurst can conceal the pill.

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Can you make pill pockets for dogs?

Divide the dough into 12 small balls. Using the end of a meat thermometer or toothpick, poke a hole into a ball and wriggle it around making the hole big enough to conceal the pill. Place the pill into the dough and give your pup their treat!

Do vets recommend pill pockets?

Pill pockets are advantageous over hiding dog meds in human foods because they’re lower in calories and generally healthier. Some brands like Greenies are vet recommended and designed by veterinarians. They work for dogs of any breed, age or size. For more tips on how to give a dog medicine, take a look at this guide.

Do Greenies Pill Pockets need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration and freezing is not required for the Pill Pockets.

How can I make my dogs pill pockets healthier?

Homemade Pill Pockets for Dogs

  1. 1 cup peanut butter.
  2. 2 cups tapioca flour.
  3. 1 tablespoon molasses.
  4. 1/2 cup coconut milk (or milk if your dog has no problems with dairy)


Is cheese bad for dogs?

While cheese can be safe to feed to your dog, there are some things to remember. Cheese is high in fat, and feeding too much to your dog regularly can cause weight gain and lead to obesity. Even more problematic, it could lead to pancreatitis, a serious and potentially fatal illness in dogs.

What can I use instead of pill pockets?

Some good alternatives to pill pockets might include:

  • Dollop of peanut butter (make sure it’s free from Xylitol)
  • Tuna.
  • Bit of chopped liver.
  • Piece of hot dog.
  • Banana chunk.
  • Small piece of cheese (not the molded variety)
  • Spoonful of pureed sweet potato or pumpkin.
  • Wrapped in a bit of deli meat or piece of tortilla.
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Can a dog eat scrambled eggs?

Dogs should never eat raw or undercooked eggs. Raw eggs aren’t safe at all. “They can be a source of Salmonella. … So however they are prepared–boiled, scrambled, sunny side up–cooked is best for your dog.

How do vets give dogs pills?

Keep your middle finger over the small incisor teeth NOT over the sharp fangs (canine teeth). Drop the pill or capsule as far back over the tongue as possible, then immediately close the mouth and blow on the dog’s nose which will encourage her to swallow.

Can I dissolve my dogs pill in water?

Here’s a hint: Any time you give your pet a pill, using any method, follow it up with a chaser of H2O. Using an eyedropper or needleless syringe, squirt a little water into the side of your pet’s mouth. The liquid helps to wash the pill down the esophagus.

Is peanut butter good for dogs?

Most peanut butter is safe for dogs to eat, and in moderation peanut butter can be an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, vitamins B and E, and niacin.

Does Petco sell pill pockets?

PILL POCKETS TURN PILL TIME INTO TREAT TIME. GREENIES Pill Pockets Treats for Dogs make it easy to give your dog medicine, with a tasty chicken flavor they’re sure to love. … Whether for large breed or small dogs, these smaller-sized Pill Pockets for tablets make taking medicine a positive experience for your dog.

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