Your question: Did K9 Mattis win top dog?

Police K-9 Mattis and his handler Sgt. Mark Tappan won the episode of A&E’s new competition show “America’s Top Dog” that aired Wednesday.

Who Won Top Dog 2020 finale?

ROXBURY, NJ – “Kai,” a police dog owned by Morris County Sheriff’s Office Detective Cpl. Michael McMahon, a Roxbury resident, is now “America’s Top Dog.” The duo won A&E Network’s “America’s Top Dog” competition, a victory televised on March 18, the season finale.

What breed of dog is Mattis?

K9 Mattis, a three-year-old German Shepherd Dog, serves with the Alpharetta Police Department.

What happened K9 Mattis?

K-9 survives 30-foot drop while on duty

But he fully recovered and returned to duty. Tappan said the department made the decision to retire Mattis from the police force because he has arthritis in his back. The dog’s handler returned to the site of Mattis’ fall Wednesday for an emotional farewell post.

How much does K9 Mattis weigh?

Mattis is a beautiful 6-year-old German shepherd. He weighs in at 97 lbs.

What breed is Minion On top dog?

French Bulldog Gets Minion-ified And It’s Priceless – American Kennel Club.

Is America’s top dog still on?

New York, NY – May 6, 2021 – A&E Network is celebrating man’s best friend this summer with the return of competition series “America’s Top Dog” and the premiere of a new series, “An Animal Saved My Life” both from Big Fish Entertainment. … The two-hour premiere of “America’s Top Dog” begins Tuesday, June 29 at 8pm ET/PT.

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What episode is Mattis On top dog?

Contestants and winners by episode

Season One
Episode Number Episode Name Dog Name
Finale It Ain’t Over Until There’s a Top Dog Kai (winner)
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