How much should I pay a friend to dog sit for a week?

Urban areas usually cost more than rural areas. For example, dog sitting rates in Charlotte, North Carolina, are about $15 per hour, while dog sitting rates in NYC, New York, are approx. $21 per hour.

How much should you pay a friend to dog sit?

If you decide to pay your friends to pet sit, a fair rate of pay is 30-40% of what you would pay a professional service. For example, a quick 15-minute drop-in visit would equal about $6 – $10 per visit. If your pets need longer visits, such as 45-60 minute visits, you should pay somewhere around $9 -$12 per visit.

Should you pay a friend to dog sit?

Friends are often happy to help without any sort of payment, but it’s important to show appreciation for them dog sitting. It takes a lot of work and will affect their normal schedule, especially if you’re going away for a reasonable period of time.

How much should I pay a teenager to pet sit?

Most teenagers seem to be paid $10–$20 per day, depending on the area. If the teen lives close to you, this could include multiple visits a day and is a very good value. If you require the teen to stay overnight, the rate should be more and could be negotiated between you.

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What is a good gift for a dog sitter?

Gift for Dog Sitter: Practical Gifts

  • Hand and foot warmers. …
  • Snacks that transport easily in the car. …
  • Coffee, tea or other drinks. …
  • Nice refillable water bottles or travel coffee mugs for when she is on the go.
  • This little cooler has a car adapter and allows sitters to keep their food cool on long days.


What is a fair price to pay for dog sitting?

Pet sitters charge $25 to $30 a day on average, depending on the services involved. The average cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight pet-sitting costs $75 to $85.

Are dogs sad when you board them?

Research suggests that dogs do miss their owners when boarded in kennels. … Not all dogs get sad when boarded, and most of the time it will be a positive experience for them. If it’s a reputable boarding kennels they will get spoiled, lots of play with other dogs, and loads of attention.

Should I tip my Rover sitter?

Booking a dog sitter through Rover will always be cashless and convenient. Your sitter sets their own rates and your credit card is debited when you book. That said, if you’d like to offer them a tip, you’re perfectly welcome to! … At this time, we don’t have a tipping feature for bookings.

How much should I pay a teenager to walk my dog?

The advantage of paying the teenager on your street rather than a professional is that it will cost you significantly less. Most teenagers seem to be paid $10–$20 per day, depending on the area. If the teen lives close to you, this could include multiple visits a day and is a very good value.

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How much should I pay someone to check my house?

As a starting point to keep in mind, typical house sitting rates are in the $25-30/day range, more (around $50) for overnight stays. But this is just a ballpark. We suggest taking the time to calculate a number based on your own house sitting expectations and needs.

Do house sitters get paid?

Housesitting cost varies widely. Some house sitters will work for free in exchange for food and rent while others will charge $80 per day! Most house sitters charge $25 – $45 per day. … How much you pay for house sitting depends on many factors, like location and types of services you request.

Should I tip the dog walker?

Do you tip dog walkers? Tipping is not expected. However, if you have a pet who requires special care or handling, you have a dog who is difficult to walk, or you are asking for extra services, you should tip your dog walker.

What is a nice thank you gift?

20 Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for When a Card Just Isn’t Enough

  • of 20. Amethyst Air Plant. …
  • of 20. Thank You Cookies. …
  • of 20. Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit. …
  • of 20. Monogram Mug. …
  • of 20. Botanical Thank You Gift Box. …
  • of 20. Wild Flowers Soap Petals. …
  • of 20. ‘Thank You’ Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. …
  • of 20. Marbled Glass Coaster.


How do you thank a pet sitter?

Thank you for watching the dogs while we are away. It’s a comfort knowing that they will be looked after and let out on a regular basis. I appreciate your willingness to stay at the house and bring in the mail too. I am glad that you were once again about to watch my cats while I traveled.

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