How many dogs did they use in Lassie?

They looked at over 200 different dogs to play Lassie, and finally picked a show-winning dog.

How many lassies were there in the original series?

Answer: All nine Lassies have been male dogs. Although in the movies and on television, Lassie was cast as a female dog. All of the Lassies were descendants of Pal, the first Lassie, who died in 1958.

How does Lassie die?

12 of 24. she died of this really freak incident where she had some intestinal problem that was caught too late. Although in the movies and on television, Lassie was cast as a female dog.

What was lassies real name?

Pal (June 4, 1940 – June 18, 1958) was a male Rough Collie performer and the first in a line of such dogs to portray the fictional female collie Lassie in film, on radio, and on television.

Pal (dog)

Pal in 1942, as Lassie
Other name(s) “Lassie”
Term 1943–1954
Successor Lassie Junior
Owner Rudd Weatherwax

Is Lassie a girl?

Portrayed by Pal
In-universe information
Species Rough Collie
Gender Female
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Where is the original Lassie buried?


Birth 4 Jun 1940 North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Death 18 Jun 1958 (aged 18) North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Burial Weatherwax Ranch Grounds North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Memorial ID 7376621 · View Source

How old was the original Lassie when she died?

The Death of the Original Lassie

In June 1958, Lassie died at the age of 18.

What killed Tommy Rettig?

Tommy Rettig, the first boy who tagged after Lassie during the famous collie’s 20 years on television, has died. Mr. Rettig, who was 54, was found dead of natural causes in his Marina del Rey home, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said Thursday night.

Does Lassie have a sad ending?

The theater was packed where I went and that says a lot. Reviews for Lassie echo my sentiments. It is a truly heartwarming and tender story. Lovely film that tells a sad story with a happy ending.

What breed of dog was Lassie in the famous movie?

The television star was a Rough Collie, as was the star of the 1943 movie Lassie Come Home, which inspired the television series. Today, the Collie is more likely to be a pampered pet than an all-around farm dog.

What breed is Arthur’s dog?

Pal (sometimes known as Pal Read) is Arthur Read’s pet dog.

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Animal Dog (mixed-breed;English Setter on father’s side)
Complexion Light brilliant amber
Favorite color Salmon

Is Timmy from Lassie still alive?

Jonathan Bion Provost (born March 12, 1950) is an American actor, best known for his role as young Timmy Martin in the CBS series Lassie.

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Jon Provost
Born Jonathan Bion Provost March 12, 1950 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1953–present

Why did Jeff leave Lassie?

Rettig quit “Lassie” because he wanted a normal life. “I didn’t enjoy the wide recognition,” he said. “I couldn’t go to dinner. I couldn’t stand in line for a show without attracting a crowd.

What does Lassie mean in Scottish?

A lassie is a young woman or girl. [mainly Scottish, informal]

What is Lassie famous for?

‘Lassie’ is the most famous farm dog and Rough Collie that ever existed. The Collie breed became popular when people fell in love with ‘Lassie’, a fictional dog on a TV series. The famous dog, Pal, played Lassie in the movie and sired a line of descendants who continued to play the fictional character he originated.

How many owners did Lassie have?

Lassie’s owner and trainer, Rudd Weatherwax, and his two dogs, Pal and Pal Jr., were phenomenal. Their acting abilities as a team were what made the Lassie brand what it was and still is today.

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