How do you raise a puppy when you work from home?

How do I raise a puppy if I work full time?

First, crate train your puppy, and second, arrange for regular toilet breaks at appropriate intervals. Before leaving for work, play with your pup and take them out for a potty break. When they go, give the usual praise and reward. Then pop your pup into the crate with a safe chew toy.

Can you work from home with a new puppy?

Initially you can work in the same room as your puppy to first get them used to spending time in their play pen or crate for parts of the day while you are still in the room and slowly build up time away from your puppy. Practise lots of short intervals through out your work day.

How do you crate train a puppy when you work from home?

How to crate train your dog when you’re always home

  1. Set a routine. …
  2. Feed and exercise your dog before putting them in the crate. …
  3. Start with the crate in the room you spend most of your time in. …
  4. As your dog adjusts, move them into another room. …
  5. Extend how much time your dog spends in the crate alone.
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How do you take care of a puppy when you work?

Try to keep mealtimes, walks and bedtime consistent, and try to drop in at least once a day while you’re working. If your work is close by, you can come home during your lunch break. This will give your pup a much needed potty break and some cuddle time.

Should I get a dog if I work full time?

Conclusion: If you work full time but want a dog, go ahead, but make sure to proceed with care. Try to get a more independent breed, the younger, the better, or a rescue that’s used to being alone.

Should I get a puppy if I work full time?

Raising a puppy when you work full time is possible, but it requires commitment and the chances are you are going to need some help. Puppies don’t stay puppies for long. But while they are little, they need a lot of attention. Puppies need companionship, frequent meals and potty training.

Can I crate my dog while I’m at work?

While leaving dog in crate while at work is not recommended, if this must be tried, it shouldn’t be more than 8 hours. … If this is you, try your very best to leave your dog with a family member, hire a pet sitter or use a dog daycare service to cut the amount of time your dog must spend alone, particularly in a crate.

How do you know if a puppy is happy?

A happy pooch will display a variety of tell-tale signs; soft, relaxed ears and eyes, a wagging tail, slurpy kisses and a revealing smile. Learning how to read your dog’s body language will help you tell when they are happy and when they might not be feeling quite themselves.

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Is a playpen better than a crate?

The playpen is best at controlling the puppy’s environment while at the same time giving him space. The crate is much better for sleep and potty training. The playpen is better if you have to leave your dog for long hours. The size of the playpen is not very important as long as its enough to walk around and play.

Should you crate your puppy when you’re home?

It is also a good idea to crate him periodically for short periods when you are home as well so that he does not associate crating with being left alone. Don’t abuse the crate. It is a useful management tool, but your dog shouldn’t live in a cage day and night, with few opportunities for playtime and “people” time.

Can I leave my 10 week old puppy home alone?

Generally, puppies can hold it for one hour per every month of age (so a three-month-old puppy can wait three hours to pee). Here are common time limits for puppies of different ages: 8–10 weeks: One hour or less. … Three-month-old puppies can wait for three hours, four-month-old puppies for four hours, and so on.

What do I do with my puppy all day?

But do schedule play and exercise time into your puppy’s day: a walk around the neighborhood, playing with toys, and time spent bonding go a long way toward expending energy. Several shorter sessions are better for a puppy than one long one.

How do I leave my puppy alone for the first time?

Teaching Alone Time

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Begin by closing your puppy in the confinement area with a chew toy or other constructive activity, then quietly walk out of the room. Return immediately and reward them with praise and a treat. Repeat the process, slowly increasing how long you’re away each time.

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