Do doggie daycares make money?

Generally speaking, dog daycare franchises, like K9 Resorts, are more profitable than other options. A franchise open for at least 24 months can average over $1.2 million in sales and nearly $400K in EBIDTA.

How much does it cost to open a dog daycare?

Dog Daycare Start Up Cost and Initial Investment

Item Low Average
Commercial Lease (per month) $3000 $4000
Facility Construction and Build out $10,000 $45,000
Basic Equipment to Operate a Dog Daycare $1500 $1750
Optional Equipment (Grooming) $2500 $3750

What are the benefits of doggy daycare?

5 Huge Benefits of Doggie Daycare

  • Socialization. From the puppy stage and into adulthood, consistent socialization is incredibly important for the behavioral development of a dog. …
  • Relieve separation anxiety. …
  • Your dog is safe. …
  • Implement a routine. …
  • Peace of mind.

How do I start a Doggy Daycare at home?

We’ve noticed a few common necessities when it comes to starting a dog daycare, and compiled them in the following steps:

  1. Understand the business model of a dog daycare.
  2. Secure your facilities.
  3. Hire qualified staff members.
  4. Price your services.
  5. Develop a system for animal evaluation.
  6. Mitigate risk for your business.
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Is Doggy Daycare stressful?

All that activity at dog daycare is stressful for some dogs! Dogs enjoy a routine, and as long as you’re providing your dog with a long walk every day and some daily training and interaction, you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving your dog at home while you go to work.

What qualifications do you need for doggy daycare?

Qualifications that may be counted could potentially include:

  • City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate of Technical Competence in Dog Walking.
  • City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care.
  • City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care.
  • BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care.

How often should I bring my dog to daycare?

Stick to no more than three days per week, and make sure you allot time to walk, train and play with your dog as well. Getting to spend time around other dogs is important for some dogs, but more than anything, dogs want to spend time doing mutually enjoyably activities with their people.

How often should my dog go to daycare?

Try day care 2-3 days per week (max) and a dog walker or other alternatives on the other days. If you work long hours and are thinking of getting a puppy – don’t! Adopt an adult dog who will not need the same time commitment and can handle some time alone.

Does dog daycare help with separation anxiety?

Doggie daycare is one of the BEST ways to soothe separation anxiety in your pet. Doggie daycare provides your dog with exercise, mental stimulation and a consistent routine; all of which can help soothe separation anxiety.

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How much can you make boarding dogs?

A pet boarding business’s revenue will depend on many factors, like the business’s location, competition, services provided, and profit margins. According to PayScale, dog kennel owners make an average of $50,868 per year, though that income ranges from as low as $20,000 to as high as $122,000.

How can I start my own dog business?

Steps to Starting a Dog Breeding Business

  1. Step 1: Write your Business plan. …
  2. Step 2: Form a Business Entity. …
  3. Step 3: Name the Business. …
  4. Step 4: Select your Location. …
  5. Step 5: Apply for Business Licenses and Permits. …
  6. Step 6: Open a Business Bank Account. …
  7. Step 7: Get your Marketing Plan in Place. …
  8. Step 8: Get Insurance.


How do I start a dog grooming business?

Starting a Dog Grooming Business: The Complete Guide

  1. Create a dog grooming business plan.
  2. Select an operating concept.
  3. Establish a business entity.
  4. Obtain insurance, licenses, and permits.
  5. Buy dog grooming tools and supplies.
  6. Earn certifications and training.
  7. Establish pricing.
  8. Promote your dog grooming business.


Where do dogs pee in daycare?

It’s on the same level as hoarding or pet stores where dogs are kept in cages where they pee and poop all day. Most daycares put 20+ dogs in too small a room. They can’t run, play or move around without being in another dog’s space.

How much Doggy Daycare is too much?

One 2 hour nap is not sufficient to provide enough rest and recovery between play sessions in the long term. A full 24 hours is good. 72 hours is even better. Dogs sleep for 12-18 hours a day.

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Should you take your dog to daycare?

You should not use daycare as a means to start socializing your puppy or dog, but if they are already socialized and dog (and people) tolerant, it can help to maintain that level of socialization.

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